Dogs in desperate need for a new home (pics & vid)

A dog sanctuary in Limassol who has done amazing work for the past 12+ years is forced to close its doors.

“Sirius dog sanctuary” is situated in Moni, Limassol and over the past 12+ years it has helped to protect, care and shelter stray dogs. Sirius Dog Sanctuary is home to over 170 stray dogs that have been abandoned in Cyprus. The sanctuary is run by a group of volunteers, without any government funding, relying on charitable donations from the public.

However eight years ago the judge had ordered for the sanctuary to close because the authorities did not think the environment was suitable for the dogs to stay in and pressures were mounted by the owner of the premises who wanted the sanctuary to close at once.

Cyprus Daily spoke with Marianna Phillipidou who is a member of the Sirius Sanctuary Board and she admitted that ever since the court decided that the sanctuary to be closed, the board has done everything it its power so that the premises stays alive or move to another location in order for the dogs to continue to be cared in the best possible manner as before.

Unfortunately according to Ms. Phillipidou no one has answered the call for a licence to build a new premises for the dog sanctuary and this will mean that over 100 stray and injured dogs will have to be transferred somewhere else or be thrown into the streets.

Ms. Phillipidou added: “We love the dogs that is why we are fighting to keep this place alive so that the dogs can be cared until they are moved to a new family, we don’t want to put the dogs in public sanctuaries because they embrace the idea of euthanasia due to over-popularisation. We will continue to fight until the end and we will see what happens”.

The positive side to the story is that a municipality in Limassol has given the green light for the new sanctuary to be built in that area however they will have to obtain the necessary licenses from the government who keep stalling the process.

Sirius dog sanctuary has helped thousands of dogs over the years but now needs our help in order to survive.

For more information go to Sirius Dog Sanctuary’s official facebook page:

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