UNSG will have consultations with all concerned before the next step, says Dujarric

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is going to have a number of consultations with all concerned before the next step in the Cyprus issue after the collapse of the Crans Montana Conference on Thursday, said his Spokesperson Stephane Dujarric answering to CNA` s questions during the briefing of the correspondents.

To the question why Mr Guterres ended the conference on June 4, which he described as “open end”, Dujarric said the Secretary-General along with the other participants; they worked literally through the night.

“They ended it at 2 o’clock. It was a shared understanding among the participants that it was best to close it and I think the Secretary-General expressed his regret that the Conference was closed without an agreement reached”, he added.

Asked to comment if this means that he is returning also his mandate that means the negotiations that started in 2008, are ended now, the Spokesperson for the UN SG clarified “that just means the Conference on Cyprus is closed. Mr. Eide would be joined by Ms. Spehar, the SRSG [ Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General]. They would be in New York the week of July 17th. They would be briefing the Security Council. For the Secretary-General, the UN role’s is clear; it’s that one of a facilitator, we would remain available. I think he made that point himself very clearly in his press remarks yesterday”.

He stressed that any decision on the future would be taken by the Secretary-General in consultations with all concern.

“I think what happened yesterday it has to be absorbed. Mr. Eide and Ms. Spehar would be here, they would be briefing the Council. The Secretary-General would also have a round of consultations before taking any next step”, he noted.

Asked if in UN SG` s report coming on July 10th on UNFICYP is going to use the results of the Crans Montana Conference, Dujarric said “I think they would be in due course a full report by Secretary-General on Good Offices to the Security Council”.

“I think right now as I said, we are absorbing what happened. It will take some time for all parties to reflect also on what happened”.

Referring to SG `s meeting with Turkish President Erdogan, he said they exchange views on a broad number of regional issues.

“The SG again expressed his regret, his disappointment that no agreement was reached on the Conference of Cyprus, but he told the President that he greatly appreciated the Turkey’s government strong commitment to the process and on Syria the SG commended Turkey for its support for the Astana and the Geneva process. And I think as you would remember, taking noting yesterday’s remarks to the press the SG, I think thanked and expressed his appreciation to all the parties involved, including the guarantor powers”, he added.

Finally, on the question of whether the SG disagrees with Cavusoglu’ statement on the parameters of the United Nations, Dujarric said that Guterres answered yesterday this question.

The role of the United Nations is to facilitate. We are not negotiating on behalf of the sides, but we facilitate talks between them. And we remain available to the parties when they come forward with a request on negotiations. He (SG) said it more clear than me, he concluded.

Source: CNA